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Code of Conduct

1. Overview

The Chelsea Fencing Club Code of Conduct is a document that outlines the principles and behaviour guidelines of all members of the Chelsea Fencing Club and where applicable their guardians and parents.


All members and parents/guardians of the Chelsea Fencing Club are subject to the code of Conduct as outlined by British Fencing, which can be downloaded from the British Fencing Club website:


2. Expected Behaviour from Chelsea Fencing Club members

As a member of the Chelsea Fencing Club, we expect you to conform with the highest ethical principles. You are required to give your best at all times, and be friendly and respectful to others. 


We expect fencers, parents and guardians to act as true ambassadors for our club at all times. You should demonstrate our values and be considerate not only in the club, but also everywhere you represent Chelsea Fencing Club.



3.  Behaviour that we do not tolerate:

  • Disrespecting other fencers, parents, guardians, coaches, referees, competition organisers or any other individual within or outside the club. Disrespecting includes, but is not limited to, negative verbal or physical behaviour.

  • Racist, intolerant or bullying behaviour, physical, psychological or verbal.

  • Thoughtless and negative use of social media, mobile phone applications or the internet, which would adversely affect the well-being of individuals, Chelsea Fencing Club or any other fencing body, including British Fencing. We do not want to see any posting that could in any form endanger the reputation of Chelsea Fencing Club and its members.

  • Any use of drugs, alcohol or performance enhancing substances in training, at competitions or anywhere.


  1. Specific Rules relating to Fencing

  • We expect you to respect treat your personal property and the property of others including those at the club or at any other venue, where fencing takes place with upmost care. This is not limited to weapons, scoring equipment and all other fencing kit.

  • You cannot take anybody’s equipment or personal property without their consent. This includes club equipment. Weapons cannot be taken home or to a competition without the coaches’ consent.

  • Anybody, who borrows club equipment and does not return it, is liable for the replacement cost for all items.

  • We expect you to inform us about any fencing tuition outside the club. This could include one to one lessons or camps. 

  • Arriving late or leaving early disrupts the training sessions, so we expect these occasions to be exceptions, not the norm. Consideration for the coach and others when joining in the class should be highly respected.

  • As we treat others with respect, you cannot refuse to fence another member of the club when asked.

  • We expect you to fence with application – we do not tolerate fencers who deliberately hurt others, or who do not apply proper technique or those who fence dangerously.

  • Under all circumstances, you must follow the coaches’ safety advice.

  • We do not tolerate lack of effort. If you attend a training session you should give it 100%. You are otherwise a bad example to others and spoil their progress.

  • If you are not fencing in sparring sessions we expect you to queue to fence again. Sitting around chatting and using your mobile phone has to wait until after training has finished.

  • We are a friendly club with strong values that other clubs envy. We therefore expect you to support club members at competitionsand show continuous sportsmanship to all competitors. 

  • The changing rooms are for changing only and should be left as quickly as possible. Under no circumstances you may leave club property or personal belongings behind.

  • You should name all your fencing equipment. If it happens to be left behind at a venue or the club it is likely to be found and returned to you.



Any breach of this code may lead to disciplinary procedure and may result in expulsion of the member from Chelsea Fencing Club without a fee refund.

Fencer’s Commitment:____________________________________________________


  • I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide the Chelsea Fencing Club Code of Conduct.

The fencer’s parent / guardian Commitment: __________________________________


  • We have read the above Chelsea Fencing Club Code of Conduct, support its values and abide its rules.

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