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Bob is a BFA accredited, Level 4 coach in all 3 weapons. He was the British National Coach from 2003-2011 and coached Corinna Lawrence at the London 2012 Olympics for Team GB.


Bob has many years experience coaching international competitors in both foil and epee. Having started Chelsea Fencing Club, he is a favourite with the children, being able to engage everyone fully and has a talent for teaching fencing in a fun and enjoyable way.


A BFA accredited level 2 coach since 2010, Christiane has over 30 years of personal fencing experience, and is still a competitive fencer representing Germany internationally at Veteran competitions.


She passes on her knowledge and expertise gained during this time, as the Chief Welfare Officer at Chelsea.

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Angelina is a BFA accredited level 2 coach. During her fencing career, she was a winner and medalist at numerous national competitions, and represented Ukraine at multiple Cadet, Junior and Senior World Cups. 

Angelina graduated from Lviv State Sports University with a Master’s degree in coaching, and was awarded the Master of Sports of Ukraine. 

Before joining Chelsea Fencing Club, Angelina coached in Canada, and at the Lviv Fencing Academy of Ukraine.



Corinna competed at the London Olympics 2012 for Team GB, and coached at Chelsea Fencing Club as a BFA accredited level 2 coach.


She helped out at the club for five years, sharing her extensive fencing knowledge from her training and competitive experience, to help our fencers develop fully.


Former coach at Chelsea Fencing Club (BFA accredited level 2 coach).


Kristian worked as a coaching assistant from the age of 13, and went on to study at the University of Roehampton, a leader in Sports Science.


Kristian aimed to help every fencer reach their full potential by imparting his knowledge from his many years surrounded by the sport.

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